Student Body/Cell


Core Committee Members:
General Secretary: Sarthak Monga
Treasurer: Parth Ashar
Joint General Secretary (Btech): Shrey Bahal
Joint General Secretary (MBA-tech): Advait Pai
Lady Representative: Jahnavi Doneria

Committees under the Students council of MPSTME for the academic year 2018-19

Secretary: Shivani Sharma (B.Tech EXTC 4th Year)
Joint Secretaries: Payasvi Pathak (B.Tech Data Science 2nd Year)

MPSTME Alumni Association is an attempt to connect to students who have passed out from the college. We are all set to organize this college's first Alumni Meet. Our college has some prestigious alumni and we would be organizing a meet for them.

Secretary: Shrey Jain (MBA Tech. EXTC 3rd Year)
Joint Secretaries: Abhishek Doppalapudi (B.Tech Data Science 2nd Year)
Astitva Chauhan (MBA Tech. EXTC 3rd Year)
Kaashan Panjwani (B.Tech Data Science 2nd Year)

Colloquium is the management committee of MPSTME and is the platform for student-industry interface, which exposes students to the much-accredited views of highly successful people across different industries. It aims at building a critical bridge between what is taught in college and the current requirements of the industry. It focuses on bringing students in touch with the leaders of today’s corporate world, to help them take charge of tomorrow. Digital marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce. The use of the Internet and other digital media and technology to support ‘modern marketing’ has given rise to a bewildering range of labels and jargon created by both academics and professionals. It has been called digital marketing and conducting a workshop was a learning experience for the participants and turned out to be a great experience for all of them.

Secretary: Parth Pradhan (MBA Tech. Chemical 3rd Year)
Additional Secretary: Priyan Shah (MBA Tech. Chemical 3rd Year)
Joint Secretaries: Aayush Mody (MBA Tech. Chemical 2nd Year)
Charvi Somani (MBA Tech. Computer 3rd Year)
Kushal Kerkar (MBA Tech. Chemical 3rd Year)

Cultural committee of MPSTME is the heart and soul of all the fun activities that students and teachers love being a part of. It is the platform for student interface which provides the students with opportunities to socialize with their colleagues in a much more frolicsome way. The main aim of Cultural Committee is to enable students to enlarge their social circles through various events. Between the tedious exams and monotonous lectures, Cultural Committee provides the perfect well-deserved and a fun filled break to the students. Students, all from different years and streams and different skills, help each other acquire variety of skills and pull off best events with minimal inputs.

Secretary: Smridhi Arya (B.Tech CS 3rd Year)
Joint Secretaries: Anushka Doshi (B.Tech CS 2nd Year)
Nikhil Chauhan (MBA Tech. Computers 3rd Year)
Sakshee Thakkar (MBA Tech. EXTC 2nd Year)
Siddhant Kilapady (MBA Tech. Mechanical 2nd Year)

The Editorial Board, Students’ Council as a committee works towards bringing out an artist in everyone; where your art could be anything. It’s a platform of expression. We organize events like Open Mic Night, Comik Con, Crossfire Debate, Blind Date With a Book. We publish the annual magazine, Verve that covers all areas of topics and includes content from everyone at college. Crossfire Debate is conducted at Intra-College and Inter-College level attracting participants from all colleges all over Mumbai. We bring pop-culture into college through Comik Con and Sudocross. Open Mic Night attracts talents to express themselves to all. Edboard is all about creativity, literature and pop-culture.

Secretary: Shilpika Agarwal (B.Tech CS 3rd Year)
Joint Secretaries: Aksh Nagda (B.Tech Intg EXTC 3rd Year)
                               Naitik Udeshi (B.Tech CS 2nd Year)
                               Sarthak Agarwal (MBA Tech. CS 3rd Year)

As time flies, some spectate and some run the course. Here, at the research cell, we follow the ethos of both. We cause, analyse and watch these minute changes unfold. We promote and perform researches. We regard research like an adventure without a fixed source or a terminal. Research is all about wandering around, gathering experiences, meeting people with various aims and of course, having fun. It involves the combination of trial and error, which may lead to failures but our aim is to keep these people inspired and moving forward through guidance, support and direction. As the Chinese saying quotes, 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,' our team is here to create a platform which aids research enthusiast to take-on this joyful challenge of creating something astonishing. We work primarily at Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering but have kept our platform open to everybody who is inspired and ready to walk on this pathway. Are you ready to research?

Secretary: Nitin Jain (MBA Tech. Mechanical 4th Year)
Joint Secretaries: Diya Shah (B.Tech Integrated Computers 3rd Year)
Raghav Kaushik (MBA Tech. Computers 2nd Year)
Rhea Gupta (B.Tech Computers 2nd Year)
Rishabh Reddy (MBA Tech. Computers 2nd Year)

MPSTME's Social Impact is not just another college committee. Every year this committee takes special steps towards the welfare of the society.

This small family pulled off 11 unique events last year, each largely benefitting the one's in need.

Social impact strongly believes in the ripple effect and that small good deeds can make a big difference.

Social Impact also managed to pull off the very first social conference in India, the 'Social Conclave 2018' where more than 450 delegates from across the country gathered and addressed the most contentious social issues LGBTQ+, Rural Education, elder care and support and gender biased sex selection.

After 3 exhilarating days of panel discussions, mock panchayats and on site visits best solutions were chosen by our esteemed judges from the respective fields and those solutions are being implemented currently by the team.

Secretary: Supraja Upadhyayula (MBA Tech. EXTC 3rd Year)
Additional Secretary: Shivam Subramanian (MBA Tech. Mechanical 3rd Year)

Joint Secretaries: Krisha Shah (B.Tech Integrated Computers 3rd Year)
Pranay Mehta (B.Tech Computers 2nd Year)
Prasad Salokhe (MBA Tech. Computers 2nd Year)
Udit Rathi (MBA Tech. Mechanical 3rd Year)

The Students' Council Sports Committee organizes all the sports events like Table Tennis, Chess, Inter Stream Football, College Cricket League(CCL), Faculty Sports Day and others in Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering(MPSTME). It also looks over the teams participating in various sports events in other college festivals. The Sports Committee also organizes the official college sports festival called Conquer. The sports conducted in Conquer are Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, Badminton and Lawn Tennis. All the events are held at prime locations like Matunga Gymkhana, Andheri Sports Complex, Leo Tennis Academy and a few others. The festival is 10-14 days long and is promoted by many major celebrities like Jonty Rhodes who inaugurated the festival last year.


Secretary: Suryaraj Jhala (MBA Tech. Mechanical 3rd Year)
Additional Secretary: Ashima Choudhary (B.Tech EXTC 3rd Year)

Joint Secretaries: Bharat Udwat (B.Tech Civil 2nd Year)
Julia Rose Jimmy (B.Tech EXTC 3rd Year)
Nitish Bhatia (MBA Tech. Mechanical 3rd Year)

The Students' Council Technical Committee concentrates on imparting the students with knowledge that is beyond the academic curriculum. We conduct technical based Industrial Visits, Workshops , Competitions and Recreational events to provide all students with a hands on experience as well as practical knowledge. The committee that puts the T in MPSTME. Events from this committee go right from technical competitions to IV’s. Technical Committee holds a strong belief of imparting knowledge to all, that can be used practically in real life. The committees main aim is to develop a technical aptitude amongst students of the college.